FOF #2365 – The Case for President Hillary Clinton

Jul 29, 2016 · 1985 views

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Queer democrats can’t run the risk of a Trump presidency by voting for a 3rd party candidate in November in order to punish the Democratic party.

Today, writer Derek Elliott Bagley joins us to look at the reasons why voters who strongly believe in Berne Sanders’ values must vote for Hillary Clinton to keep all political parties shifting left.


  1. Nathan says:

    Donald is not the greatest threat to American democracy. That is just the worst sort of hyperbole. It is impossible to imagine that Donald could be worse than W. W knew nothing, still knows nothing, about foreign policy or national politics. We suffered through and survived two terms of W. I wouldn’t want to live through it again, but calling Trump the greatest threat to anything is just ridiculous. At least, when Donald spews conservative tripe, you know it’s bullshit. He doesn’t believe anything he says. He is a dangerous narcissist, but he’s only a threat if we fail to retake Congress. But, if we fail to retake Congress, Hillary won’t be worth a damn, either. Look at how ineffectual President Obama has been for the last five-and-a-half years, since the Republicans took Congress. We need to take back Congress and state and local offices. Putting Hillary in the White House is priority number three. And, suggesting Hillary will be bound to the adopted Democratic Party platform belies a lack of understanding of how politics works. That’s just silly. I mean, yes, by all means, let’s vote for Hillary, but by all means, let’s be honest.

  2. “voting isn’t easy”

    you can only say that in 13 states. 37 states have either vote by mail and/or early voting. i have never voted in a booth and never will. three states (i think) have only vote by mail.

    if your state allows it, register for permanent vote by mail!!

    excellent show. if you only did politics and drag queens i would be your biggest fan (if i’m not already). 😀

  3. Not the Baby Daddy says:

    Just as Hilary isn’t a lot of progressive’s first choice, neither is Trump mine. However, I am concern that progressives are taking the country in the wrong direction. I have no interest of a continuation of Obama’s policies and dubious executive actions. The Affordable Heath Care Act punishes people who still can’t afford it. His executive action on granting amnesty was shot down by the supreme court. Disobeying immigration law should be taken seriously because mass migration contributes to urban sprawl and strained resources, natural and otherwise. Due to the job market not keeping up with population growth and lowered wages, African Americans and other working poor would be the hardest hit by the progressive policies of white, self-righteous do-gooders, who don’t want to hear any views that differ from their own. When I saw the Trump protestors shut down a street to randomly hinder people who weren’t even necessarily interested in hearing Trump, I got really pissed off with how far progressives will go for their agenda. They didn’t care if an ambulance or firetruck needed the road open. Dangerous!

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