FOF #2378 – A Beginner’s Guide to the Radical Faeries

Aug 22, 2016 · 1985 views

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The Radical Faeries began in the late 70s as a gathering of mostly gay men seeking to redefine queer consciousness and amazingly enough, Faerie communities popped up all over the county where they continue to thrive.

Joining us today is creative spirit Seth Nayes, also known as Madame Marvel in Chicago’s nightlife scene, who just had his first faerie experience!


  1. chamblee54 says:

    The community values what privacy it has left. Podcasts about fucking in the mud, and taking a trump in the woods (did anyone ever tell this person to dig a hole six inches deep?) … this is not going to be appreciated. This might be one of the milder comments you receive on this subject.

    • In the past few weeks there have been numerous news and blogs items mentioning the Faeries. Just do a Google search.

    • Who died and made you queen of the faeries? There are hundreds of well documented websites that have been around for decades talking about all these gatherings.

      Here are some handy ones:

      Communities that don’t get new blood wither and die. What I took home from this podcast is to encourage some of the listeners here to see out the faerie gatherings if its something they like.

      This whole podcast is a free service to LGBT people everywhere and to share information with others. This isn’t the New York Times. Stop shitting on your own community.

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