1. Jim C says:

    Hi, guys. Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Long story short, both my mom and dad died this year, so things have been nuts with me.

    A couple of questions for you and maybe I’ve just been out of the loop…

    1) Finding Prince Charming – Really? Another reality bachelor show? I watched 5 minutes and had to stop. It stereotypes gays as being fit and trim, good looking, horny and catty backstabbers. This is only the reality that New York and Hollywood want for us to believe. When do we get a real reality show about real, average people – the 80th percentile of gay men and women? Bad choice LOGO!

    2) When did Lance Bass become a pioneer in the LGBT movement? I’m really missing something here, but I don’t remember anything noteworthy that he has done to get this attribute. If you watch the commercial for Finding Prince Charming, the moderator calls Lance a pioneer.

    What have I missed.

    I think this could be good fodder for a Facebook question. What do you think?

    Love you both, and I will re-membership myself soon. Just working through all of the financials since my folks’ deaths.

    Jim Canelake, Minneapolis, MN

    • So sorry to hear about your terrible loss Jim. Big hugs to you and your family.

      Logo is gonna do whatever they want to. We don’t have to watch it, and considering the overwhelming negative response (and the denial of their star’s twitter saying everyone LOVED IT!) I’m not guessing it’s gonna go anywhere. It sure makes Drag Race look a million times better doesn’t it!?

      Also their web interface and ad delivery system is so bad, it always crashes my phone or Apple TV when I’m watching it. So I have a hard time seeing anyone sticking with the show.

      It’s such a missed opportunity to create amaiazing media, hopefully one we can all learn from. It’s a big reason why we make this podcast, because of shows like the Gay Bachelor/Prince Charming. So we get to see an authentic, fun, perceptive side of LGBT people and the culture we love.

  2. Megman says:

    I find it highly inappropriate to talk about getting iPhone 7s when you guys are suppose to be in financial trouble.

    • Nathan says:

      ^ Can I delete this comment? ^

    • Nathan says:

      The new iPhone is such a huge disappointment. There’s no new killer feature, and they have taken away a basic feature that had tremendous utility. There are a number of reasons you would want to use the audio jack at the same time as charging (processing Square payments in a store for example) all centered around piss poor battery life. Until they fix the battery life problem, they shouldn’t be taking away essential tools that you need to be able to use while charging. There are a lot of devices, whole companies dedicated to manufacturing devices, that use that 3.5mm audio jack for other things, besides the extraordinarily expensive headphones I’ve invested in (the stock ear buds have never worked for me; they never stay in my ears). This was a total boner move and a screw job to Apple’s customers.

      I predict this will be the worst-selling iPhone ever, and I predict they will screw us over again with iPhone 8 when they remove the lightning port to give us ‘wireless’ charging. Were it not for the exploding batteries, I would say the Galaxy is the better option at this point. That exploding battery is a bit of a problem, though.

      Apple does this. They predict the end of something (Flash). They work to end it (keeping Flash support off of iOS). Then they pretend to have been right, even though Flash is still around and essential in some corners. They take away features and call it progress, like they are doing us a favor. It’s very frustrating as a self-described Apple fanboy.

    • Who said I was buying an iPhone anything? I was talking about the internet collective’s problem with the removal of the audio auxiliary port.

      Regarding our financial situation, it’s pretty bad and we’re taking all measures we can to stay afloat. That includes not buying any smart phones (but I wasn’t planning to.)

  3. Congratulations for your new drag, I mean mannequin, daughter: Aleta!

    I have not had a chance to see Finding Prince Charming yet. Does Robert Sepúlveda Jr. talk at all about being Puerto Rican or growing up in Puerto Rico?

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