FOF #2392 – Balloon Animal Circus

Sep 15, 2016 · 1985 views

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It’s hard to make a living in the creative arts- you always find yourself twisting like a balloon animal any skill you got just to survive.

Joining us is Jaquée-of-all-trades, Amanda Cohen, who professionally is a comic, but who also does face painting, balloon animal making and PowerPoint presentation creation.


  1. Nathan says:

    Why not call it a webcast? I know it is sort of 90’s everything-old-is-new-again, but it is more generic and accurate. I never listen to podcasts on my iPhone or iPod (that’s been in a drawer for 2 years). I only ever listen to them on my MacBook Air. Ultrabookcast? No. Webcast.

    We had some shakedown artist come at us for a settlement. We took down the image, and ignored their complaint. They never took us to court. It wasn’t worth it for them to do it.

    Gumbo is pretty healthy as food dishes go. There’s lots of protein and whole grain fiber. There’s a little bit of vegetable fiber and fat. It’s all good ingredients, whole, unprocessed food. It’s a balanced meal. I can’t eat spicy food, so I have to extensively modify the recipe (unfortunately that means taking the vegetable fiber out).

  2. always great to have Amanda on the show.

    Also, lil tip/advice about the t-shirts in the FOF store, I would suggest having tank-top options for some of the best selling t-shirt designs? Also, I think you guys should get actual models to wear the shirts, like get some of your friends/guests to model them(for free of course). Lastly, maybe in the future you guys could re-design the “classic” FOF logo onto a shirt? I’d buy one of those.

    Also, now, this is just my own personal opinion, but I feel like some of the designs, like the all over t-shirts(which I personally think are a bit gaudy) or that rainbow skull-flower design(which looks like something you’d see at a Hot Topic) don’t really, feel like they have anything to do with the show or LGBT themes? All the other designs do, but the ones I mentioned don’t. Just my two cents.

  3. Greatly enjoyed listening to Amanda Cohen, whom I fondly remember as Amanda Steinstein from the early years of the podcast! She sure is busy and up to lots of stuff! I hope to see her performing live some time soon. Thanks for talking about transgender male model Laith Ashley, who is Puerto Rican! As to the gumbo controversy, I can understand The Vixen.

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