FOF #2426 – The Horrors of the Holidays

Dec 4, 2016 · 1985 views

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For many people, the holiday season is filled with stress and anxiety as we try to fulfill everyone’s expectations of being fucking merry. And with this year’s election it’s been harder than ever to bring peace on earth and goodwill to everyone fucking one.

Joining us is the very funny Nadya Ginsburg to weigh in on this and the recent furor over a Holocaust themed ice skating routine on reality TV.


  1. Nathan says:

    Nadya, no. No. We need to do away with the two-party system, not double-down on it. We need five or six equally powerful parties, the more the better. The Dems conspired to nominate the heir-apparent who was so unlikable, so uncharismatic, so politically weak that she couldn’t beat the most despisable presidential candidate in the history of this country. The Democratic party is complacent and broken. I’m all for changing the party from within, but that’s only going to happen if it is challenged from the outside. We need coalitions with people working across the aisle with a variety of parities, not two untouchable, intractable monolithic parties. I don’t have a blueprint. I don’t know how we get there, but I know we can’t just keep blindly supporting a party that is so goddamned incapable of winning despite the demographic advantages.

    Yes. Please, support the ACLU. Support Lambda Legal. Support the NAACP. Support Planned Parenthood. Support progressive candidates for local office, for school board, for superintendent of schools, for state assembly. Voter fraud is essentially a myth, but election fraud is a serious issue. Voter suppression is election fraud. Gerrymandering is election fraud, and it is made possible by the successes of Republicans who have consistently won on the local level and in state government.

    Besides the network parent companies directly owning fossil fuel interests, the fossil fuel companies give big money to the networks. No one watching Anderson Cooper 360 is going to buy an oil rig, but they advertise them on network news anyway. Exxon doesn’t need to build its brand recognition; the PR value is secondary. They are bribing the 4th Estate for favorable coverage.

  2. WarrenSee says:

    I could not get past the first 15 mins when she blamed HRC’s lost on Third Party and real liberals. She needs to go read some non-establishment media news. Next Podcast episode please.

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