FOF #2433 – Christmas with Brian and Meredith

Dec 19, 2016 · 43182 views

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The winter holidays are here. After a brutal year and election it’s now more important than ever to celebrate the wonderful people in your life.

Today, comedians Brian Sweeney and Meredith Kachel join us to look at the popular and sometimes ridiculous gifts everyone is buying this holiday season.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Can you do another podcast with Brian Sweeney to push me far enough to step in front of a bus? Sheesh! I know things are grim and the future is way uncertain, but I listen to your podcast to try and stay positive, not make my depression kick in.

    • Paul inMass says:

      I love Brian & Peaches and would like to hear more if them! One of the great things about the podcast is I get to see who is going to be on an episode and have a choice to listen or not depending on my personal taste.
      More Love & Less whining life is tough enough at times.

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