FOF #2539 – Eddie Izzard Saved My Life

Oct 11, 2017 · 2209 views

Cody Melcher meets his childhood hero, comedian Eddie Izzard. Photos: Eddie Izzard & Cody Melcher.

Art matters because it helps us to connect with culture to better understand who we are. As LGBT folks, we often draw inspiration to come out of the closet and tell others our stories of who we are because of the artists we admire.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins to talk about the artists and entertainers who have motivated us to fiercely be ourselves and how folks can to do the same for others through their art.

Why do we tremble when we meet our favorite celebrites?

Listen to true stories of meeting: Eddie Izzard, Eartha Kitt, Isaac Hayes, Reba McEntire, Lypsinka and RuPaul.

A magical night: Fausto Fernós (left) with his muse Eartha Kitt and Miss Black Houston, Texas, 1992. Eartha kept insisting we speak in Spanish, and had boundless energy even though she had just performed for 2 hours a solo show.

Before Drag Race there was Starrbooty, everyone love the movie, but few stayed for the Meet & Greet. Meeting RuPaul in 2007.


We take you into the Dungeon of Doom in Zion, Illinois, an oversized haunted house that has every horror from a to eeek in an hour long experience.

Nose hair extensions, squiggly eyebrows and other dubious Instagram beauty trends.

The Russian mob gets into LGBT blogging to lull folks into a false sense of security.

Happy National Coming Out Day ya’ll! Go tell someone, anyone the true story of who you are.

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