FOF #2543 – Zombie Bathhouse A Go-Go

Oct 19, 2017 · 571 views

Nowhere in the Necronomicon does it say “thou shall not have a little fun.” Marc Prince (left) discovers zombies (Val Gerard Garcia Jr., Schamus Jarvis and Derek Rienzi Van Tassel) walking among the living in Zombie Bathhouse. Photos courtesy of Scott Free & Brian Kirst.

Zombies are usually portrayed as mindless creatures who crave human flesh to survive, but in the new musical, Zombie Bathhouse, the undead still crave human flesh, they just don’t necessarily want to swallow.

Zombie Bathhouse, a new musical playing at the Center on Halsted now until October 29th tells the story of the hopelessly out of love Michael who is DJing at a bathhouse during Pride when a zombie outbreak occurs. Michael thinks that this may be the end for him but, it’s just the beginning of self discovery and finding true love.

Today, the creators of Zombie Bathhouse, with book written by Brian Kirst and music and lyrics by Scott Free, join us to talk about how to survive a zombie outbreak at a bathhouse with a little song and dance.

Brian Kirst (left) shows off his sexy zombie side, Scott Free (right) plays at the Flesh Hungry Dog Show.

Listen as we chat about the challenges of staging a new work, how zombies have evolved over the years and why we might consider adding a little Z to our LGBT history.

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  1. colaboy29 says:

    I love cool new musicals like this! I wonder if the composers have thought of taking this to any Fringe Festivals.

  2. colaboy29 says:

    Oh, hope there’s talk of releasing a cast album. Would love to hear the show.

  3. Scott Free says:

    hey colaboy29! An original cast album has just been released – contact me at for details on how to get a copy – thanks!

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