FOF #2564 – We’re Back

Jan 16, 2018 · 2447 views

Glitter is good. Glitter is Great! With UK’s Cheddar Gorgeous at the 2017 Austin International Drag Festival for her brilliant performance on despair on digital dating apps. Taken at Sidewinder, Austin Texas. Photo: Brad, feastoffun.

Glitter Day is a holiday we came up with to give folks a chance to unwind after the winter holiday season and celebrate joy in their everyday lives.

On Glitter Day all you gotta do is anything you feel like doing. So why has every Glitter Day seem coincide with some kind of catastrophe?

Today — we’re taking a look at the Hawaii Missile Crisis that took place on this year’s Glitter Day, which set off widespread panic in a state that was already on edge because of escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea.

What would you do if you thought the world was going to end?

At the unveiling of her star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, musician Mary J Blige reveals she was homeless in 2016 after filing for divorce.

Do you need penis whitening?

Perfect with a Hollandaise Sauce

Scientists develop a pill that measure how a fart develops in your intestines.

The fart sniffer pill goes on a wild ride through your intestines.

A sex doll company announces new realistic trans robots that are just like trans people, you can take them home to meet your family, but you’ll have a bit of explaining to do.

Just like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, you can make your new sexbot into your perfect sexual playmate. –source


  1. mark says:

    So glad you guys are back! Missed hearing your sexy selves!

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