FOF #2565 – We Are Here to Change the World

Jan 18, 2018 · 2515 views

Captain EO shows all we need to get Trump to resign is to play 80s hip hop music. Photos: Robyn Pennacchia, Disney.

In 1986 audiences were dazzled by Captain EO, Michael Jackson’s 3-D movie spectacular at Disney’s Epcot Center in Florida. In the short 17 minute film, Michael Jackson and his ragtag group of rebels face off against an evil monster played by Angelica Huston who gets transformed into an egalitarian happy queen through the power of love, music and rainbows.

Maybe it’s a bit simplistic, but Michael Jackson’s Rainbow loving Captain might be just what we need today to melt the hearts of tyrants everywhere and change the world. Our guest today is writer Robyn Pennacchia who has her pulse on all the hot topics as writer for Wonkette and other major online news sites.

Robyn thinks we’re going about it all the wrong way when it comes to sexual equality- while everyone is debating on wether Aziz Ansari is guilty of being a jerk, nobody’s asking why he never picked up on social cues in the first place.

Today we’re tackling all the gloomy, scary, nasty news that’s dividing the world and throwing some old fashioned Captain EO rainbow magic to turn the borg queen into Angelica Huston.

The Borg from Star Trek were totally ripped off of Captain Eo. Let that sink in.


Is the Internet making you sick?

President Trump is trying to pass new rules that would allow healthcare works to deny care to HIV positive patients on religious grounds.

Twitter announces it will soon give its users tools to identify if they have been exposed to Russian propaganda bots.

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