FOF #2572 – My Father’s Double Life

Feb 5, 2018 · 2597 views

When dad takes you out to the gay bars: Tina Alexis Allen in the 80s with her dad Sir John Allen. Photos: Benjo Arwas, Tina Alexis Allen.

Most people’s coming out story usually ends with their friends and families either embracing them or rejecting them due to their own prejudices.

For actor Tina Alexis Allen, she was forced out of the closet by her father when he came out to her as also being gay. But that wasn’t his only secret- she soon suspected him of working undercover as a secret agent for the Vatican.

In her new book, “Hiding Out: A Memoir of Drugs, Deception and Double Lives,” Tina Alexis Allen chronicles her life growing up as the youngest of 13 children in a devout Catholic family headed by her mysterious father, Sir John, who was knighted by the Pope. After coming out, the two of them lead a decadent life partying at gay clubs together, drinking to excess and exploring their sexuality- all while keeping the rest of the world and their the family in the dark.

Listen as Tina Alexis Allen talks about her incredible story and why she still doesn’t fully know everything about her father’s double life.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Awesome interview, guys! I’ve put the book on my “wish list” over at Amazon. Can’t wait to get aroundto reading it.

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