FOF #2580 – Jackie Beat Invented That

Feb 20, 2018 · 2683 views

Jackie Beat started out originally as a beat poet and today is considered one of Hollywood’s top comedy writers. Jackie Beat & Sherry Vine come to the Midwest in March to perform “Battle of the Bitches” at Hamburger Marys. Photos courtesy of Jackie Beat.

Culture builds upon the past but that doesn’t mean artists sometimes can’t innovate something new and exciting.

For fans of drag, Jackie Beat is a pioneer for her beat poet sensibility, her biting humor and her extreme eye makeup that’s inspired thousands of queens around the world.

Jackie Beat’s eyes.

As Jackie Beat sang with Alaska in the album Poundcake, if there’s something you love about drag queens, Jackie Beat invented that.

Today the self proclaimed “World’s Biggest Bitch,” Jackie Beat, joins us from her chateau in California to weigh in on Heklina’s marathon roast. Who knew there was so much shade to throw her way?

Re-inventing the Golden Girls and Who is the Boss? Live with Danny Pintauro.

Her strained friendship with Roseanne Barr and how the reboot of Roseanne’s TV sitcom reimagines Rosie as a Trump supporter.

Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine perform “Battle of the Bitches” at Hamburger Mary’s in Chicago and Milwaukee March 3 & 4.

Marc Felion & Jackie Beat in 2008.

Jackie Beat once offered me $800 to buy my Crystal Skull puppet. Should I have sold it? Photo: Fausto Fernós.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    I am with Jackie Beat: I’m skipping the new Roseanne reboot. And when it gets canceled we can watch the right-wingers get pissed just like they were when Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing show was cancelled (which I stopped watching when his right-wing views appeared).

  2. jiroumi says:

    i’ve seen the few clips of it now… and while i think she’s nuts and hate what she has become … the show seems that it will be just like the old one. i don’t think its going to be a trump lovefest.

  3. jiroumi says:

    oops guess i should have clarified – i was talking about the roseanne reboot hahahahah

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