FOF #2587 – School of Rock’s Brian Falduto is Fabulous and We Love Him

Mar 1, 2018 · 2518 views

Like many iconic queer child characters in film and television, Brian Falduto’s character of the flamboyant Billy (Fancy Pants) was created by the casting director at his audition. Photos courtesy of Brian Falduto / Paramount Pictures.

“You’re tacky and I hate you!” Everyone remembers Billy, the flamboyant little kid nicknamed Fancy Pants in the hit film School of Rock starring Jack Black.

Although Billy the character had a great time in the film, Brian Falduto, the actor who played him, didn’t have it so easy. Once the movie came out, Brian was quickly labeled “the gay kid from School of Rock” even though he wasn’t ready to claim that identity.

Thankfully Brian survived his brush with fame as a kid and is all grown up, gay and most importantly happy with who he is. And after all that he’s got a song in his heart.

Today child star Brian Falduto from the film School of Rock all grown up joins us to talk about his roller coaster ride being labeled “the gay kid” long before he was able to come out on his own terms.


A look at other child actors who played amazing queer characters in film & television.

Mark Indelicato who played Justin on ABC television’s Ugly Betty all grown up with his gal pal and co-star Ana Ortiz. Photo: Mark Indelicato/Instagram.

Why Brian loves his grandma and the LGBT community.

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