FOF #2620 – A Gay Comedy Terrorist on the Royal Wedding

May 20, 2018 · 2694 views

Until we can harness the power of love to make the world a better place, Matt Brown harnesses the power of shade and sass to make it hilarious. Photo: Matt Brown.

Admit it. You were a little bit jealous that everyone’s favorite ginger dreamboat Prince Harry finally tied the knot this past weekend to African American actress Meghan Markle. Like past ceremonies this Royal Wedding was broadcast all over the world, but this time with close up reaction shots of all the A listers in attendance crying, smiling, laughing and wincing at the lavish affair.

Today self proclaimed gay comedy terrorist Matt Brown joins us to take a look at Meghan and Harry’s wedding extravaganza, also joining us is Matt’s good Judy Cody Melcher, who just happens to own a red baby grand piano that once belonged to Sir Elton John.

Three in the pink: Fausto Fernós, Matt Brown and Cody Melcher love the color pink. Photo: Fausto Fernós.


Meghan’s Reverend Michael Curry said if we could harness the power of love, humanity would have a second renaissance.

Jane Fonda says about her sex life: “she’s close up shop down there.”

Melissa McCarthy stars in a dark comedy with puppets by Jim Henson’s son Brian Henson: “The Happytime Murders.”

The Golden Girls gay reboot is out! Leslie Jordan co-stars with David Alan Greir, Martin Mull and Vicki Lawrence in “The Cool Kids.”

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