FOF #2621 – Scott Thompson Brings Back Buddy Cole to Save the World

May 21, 2018 · 2775 views

Scott Thompson brings back Buddy Cole to packed houses across the country. Photos: Bruce Smith.

One of the most influential comedians of our time has been Scott Thompson with his work on The Kids in the Hall, the pioneering sketch comedy show where five friends every week crossdressed into outrageous characters; and his creation of Buddy Cole, the acid tongued gay socialite who can get away with saying anything.

America needs help now more than ever, to get us through these divisive, turbulent times. America needs a savior! America needs a hero! America needs Buddy Cole. Help us, Buddy! You’re our only hope!

Today comedian Scott Thompson joins us to talk about his iconic character, the re-release of Budy Cole’s biography ‘Buddy Babylon’ and his new hit show Après Le Déluge (After the Flood): The Buddy Cole Monologues.

Listen as Scott kiki’s with us on being a PST-DIVA.

His close friendships with all the Kids in the Hall.

Being pinklisted and Forgiving those for hurting and rejecting you.

Will there be a Kids In The Hall reunion?

A cosplay reenactment between Scott Thompson’s Ambassador Tomin and Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager.


  1. Tim Webster says:

    Comedy Central daytime in the summer would play nothing but KITH reruns in the late 90s! This shows and especially Buddy Cole were fundamental to a generation of gay kids who had had no access to fags and drag queens!

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