FOF #2622 – Own Your Happiness

May 31, 2018 · 2464 views

We have no idea what we’re doing. Meg Grunewald and Fausto Fernós. (Like the t-shirt? Order yours here.) Photo: Fausto Fernós.

With all the opportunities to connect on social media and dating apps today, there’s never been a time where more people have also been able to reject each other. It hurts when someone says no you’ve been wanting to be lovers or friends with, but remember: man’s rejection is god’s protection. Don’t let a no bring you down, after all, that person is just making space for your true love that’s coming down the road.

Today comedian Meg Grunewald joins in to share her online dating adventures and explore why so many people get the blues when romance doesn’t work out as planned.


Roseanne gets the chop as NBC cancels her sitcom reboot over a racist and anti-semitic tweets.

UPDATE: Looks like her talent agency dropped her as a client and all Roseanne reruns have all been pulled. Now Roseanne blames it all on Ambien, and the pharmaceutical company says racism is not one of the side effects of their drug.

A supermarket refuses to write the Cum in “Summa Cum Laude” on a graduation cake.

Cum is Latin for plus, which is a great opportunity to remind you to sign up for Feast of Fun Plus+ and support the podcast you love. Should we rename it to Feast of Fun Cum? Maybe that will increase subscriptions. 

Would you drink cockroach milk?

Miss USA Pageant joins in the #MeToo movement, has contestants in talk about their sexual harassment in a montage video.

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