FOF #2655 – Peaches Christ’s Terror Vault

Sep 26, 2018 · 2275 views

Get your fright on: Peaches Christ takes haunted houses to a whole new level with Terror Vault. Photos: Jose A Guzmán Colón.

It’s Halloween time and all across the country folks are lining up to get scared at their local haunted house.

Today Peaches Christ gives us a sneak peak at her new attraction Terror Vault, a fully theatrical, immersive haunted show where guests participate in a twisted tale of horror located in the historic San Francisco Mint. The haunted house is full of creepy zombies, weirdos, ghosts and of course, the scariest devils of them all- drag queens!

Listen as we chat with Peaches about how she’s inspired by filmmaker William Castle and how she’s dreamed of haunted houses since she was a kid.

Stranger Than Things: a young Joshua Grannell gets ready for Halloween and his favorite haunted house, Morbid Manor. Photos: Joshua Grannell

The real life Morbid Manor

Peaches Christ once was a natural blond!


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  1. jiroumi says:

    Wow, It must be something in the blood of the Marylander….
    Having grown up in Maryland myself, and spending summers in Ocean City with my family..
    I was surprised and thrown back in my childhood memories of things I’d nearly forgotten.

    The OC board walk and Morbid Manor where my aunt worked as a senior in high school for a summer.. I got to go in and see some of it with the lights on I was too young to go in when they were working.

    Later on the Halloween bug still was inside me and I worked in a haunted house for several halloween seasons in many different roles in Rock Run State park in Harford County.

    In the Summer when visiting my grandparents farm in Missouri, I’d create a story of the haunted farm, round up all the neighbor farm kids.. teach them roles and lines and mix up red jello for brains… haha and have a summer haunted farm — I think Peaches and I would get along quite well hahaha


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