FOF #2660 – Go Tootsie Go

Oct 7, 2018 · 2076 views

Since no press photos of Santino Fontana in drag as Tootsie were available, here’s an artists rendering of Lypsinka at Wigstock 2.HO with the actor’s face pasted over.

The 1982 the hit film T`ootsie captivated audiences with its story of an actor so desperate to get a job that he crossed dress as a woman and became America’s sweetheart feminist icon.

The movie was nominated for ten Oscars but considering the progress in the visibility of trans actors, writers and directors the notion that only a man cross dressing as woman can do a woman’s job seems a little outdated.

Today we’re taking a look at the new Broadway musical Tootsie, that aims to update the classic love story of boy meets girl, boy dresses up as girl, and then girls fall in love.


Norway doesn’t give a fig about airing cuss words on the latest episode of Alt For Norge.

Alyssa Edwards’ reality TV series Dancing Queen debuts on Netflix.

The one Star is Born spoiler you might want to hear before seeing the movie.

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