FOF #2661 – Norwegians Love to Cuss

Oct 10, 2018 · 2179 views

Alt For Norge’s Season 6 winner David Engen. Photos: TV Norge.

For many Norwegians who emigrated to America, it was a journey full of heartache and sacrifice but also one of hope for a better life and that one day they would be reunited with the family they left behind. On the reality TV series Alt For Norge, twelve Norwegian-Americans trace their ancestry and come face to face with the people and places of their family’s past.

In 2015, our friend David Engen snatched the crown on Season 6 of Alt for Norge to become the oldest and gayest contestant ever to win the series. David’s own life has been a tremendous journey- he was a Lutheran minister married to woman and had kids but then later came out as gay. He’s now happily married to his husband Greg and lives in Minnesota.

Today David Engen joins us to talk about how, at the age of 62, he survived his Great Norwegian Adventure when most contestants were in their 20s.


Why Norwegians are fascinated with getting Americans to cuss in their language.

How to turn the Nothing away before it’s too late.


  1. Great show! David Engen is so funny! He also has lots of insightful things to say. Thanks for having him on the Feast of Fun to share his Alt for Norge stories!

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