FOF #2662 – The Queen of Nice is Now the Queen of Camp

Oct 10, 2018 · 2158 views

Forged in the fires of Camp Wannakiki, Alexis P. Bevels becomes the first Chicago drag queen to win any reality TV series title. Photos: Bailey O’Neil, Alexis P. Bevels.

Camp Wannakiki crowned its first Queen of Camp, Alexis Bevels, who wowed the judges with her sweet sensibilities, her transformative tent look and her OK GO inspired music video filmed in the wilds of Chicago’s lakefront.

Kindness is in short supplies these days, so it’s great to see Chicago’s Queen of Nice, Alexis, snatch the coveted crown.

She didn’t even have to put chili powder in her competitor’s make up to win.

Alexis P. Bevels (inside tent) films the “Pitching a Tent” epsiode with Muffy Fishbasket, C’est Kevvie, Pagan Hallady, Dear Ruthie and Bailey O’Neal. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Today Alexis P Bevels, the winner of Camp Wannakiki joins us to take a look at her time at the drag wilderness retreat and what it takes to go all way!


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  1. Mark Delgrosso says:

    OMG! Stop picking A Star is Born apart! “Let’s make room for the straight people”. Seriously that is how you got out of that scene? Shangela was just helping out her girl get some action. This movie is not condoning suicide any more than Brokeback Mountain is condoning fag bashing and that film was average at best. A Star is Born is an exceptional film (in my option) and yes it did have some dark parts but many entertainers are battling demons. That can be a reason why they are so good at their craft. I thought it was a beautiful love story and you cannot always help the ones you love the most. It’s not a happy ending but it’s a realistic one. After Lady Gagas horrible performance in AHS, I was hesitant but she must have taken acting lessons between the two productions. I thought she did a great job. Bet Madonna is pissed! LOL

  2. Great show with Alexis Bevels! Bravo for Camp Wannakiki!

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