FOF #2663 – Tom Goss Goes Big

Oct 15, 2018 · 2177 views

Tom Goss updates 90s photographer Herb Ritts iconic “Fred with Tires” for his video “Round in all the Right Places, this time with model Ken Patterson. Photos: Herb Ritts, Nathaniël Siri. (For educational purposes only)

If you’re a gay man, odds are you don’t like the way you look. A recent survey revealed that gay men are three times more likely than straight men to have body image issues.

And it’s no wonder they feel that way considering how much emphasis there is for the perfect body. But what is the perfect body? For musician Tom Goss, thick and juicy men are his ideal so much so that he’s got a new video out for his song “Round in all the Right Places” that revels in the beauty of plus sized men.

A star is born. Model Ken Patterson.

Today Tom Goss joins us to chat about how he wants to help the world see bigger guys as sex symbols.

Do the math: Mass + Body Lotion = Sexy! Model Robert Sanchez, photo: Nathaniël Siri.


The 80s rap group The Fat Boyz.

Santa Claus as a sex symbol.

Those elves better get out of the way because Tom is ready to see what’s in Santa’s sack.

Where are the best places to find the big man of your dreams?

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