FOF #2675 – Alt For Norge Crowns A New Winner

Nov 14, 2018 · 2255 views

Bow before your new queen! Kelsey Jaffer snatches up the grand prize on Season 9 of Alt For Norge: meeting her Norwegian relatives. Kelsey Jaffer, Marc Felion, Kirsten Franklin and Fausto Fernós. Photos: Fausto Fernós, Alt For Norge/Discovery TV.

It’s been a thrilling season on Alt For Norge, where my gorgeous husband Marc Felion and 11 other Norwegian-Americans competed in challenges based on language, culture and history in order to win $50,000 and the chance to meet their long lost Norwegian relatives.

And to snack on meaty treats and make endless dick jokes.

The finale just aired on Monday and while Marc didn’t win the top prize it was an adventure where contestants got to eat smoked sheep heads, sea urchins and weird foods that came in tubes all while visiting fantastic locations like a giant stone troll penis and beautiful islands north of the Arctic Circle.

Joining us today is Marc’s castmate and the winner of Alt for Norge season nine, Kelsey Jaffer. Listen as actor, writer and singer Kelsey Jaffer chats with us about what it took to snatch the crown give Everything for Norway.


Marc reveals a huge secret

A visit from a surprise guest!


  1. Stein Eilertsen says:

    Mark. The bunad is not just a costume used for dancing folk dance. People used these clothes hundreds of years back in time. They did not change much at this time. In the 1900s, they were still used by older people. Most bunads today are copies of clothing from the 19th century.

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