FOF #2679 – From There to Here

Nov 27, 2018 · 2314 views

Hereaclitus Here Vernon today and in 2004 at the Feast of Fools live show in Chicago. Photos: Fausto Fernós, Hereaclitus Here Vernon, Marc Felion & Jason Smith.

Performance artist Hereaclitus Here Vernon wowed us back in 2004 at last live Feast of Fools show. Titled “The XXX-Mas Spectacular: the Nutt to Butt Cracker Holiday Extravaganza.” Hereaclitus had us on the edge of our seats by performing in a fragile gingerbread house dress covered in frosting and gumdrops.

Hereaclitus in 2004. Almost everything about their costume was edible. Photo: Jason Smith.

Shortly thereafter when we launched the podcast, Hereaclitus was among our first guests.

Since then, our frosted friend has gone through an extraordinary journey. Xe got a masters degree in art therapy and now identifies as non-binary with the preferred pronoun of xe.

Today Hereaclitus Here Vernon talks about Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as seen in Greek mythology and films like Star Wars and ties it into the process of gender self discovery.


How to land the love of your life while on your own path to happiness.

A look at our dear friend, video blogging pioneer Victoria Lamarr.


  1. John Doe says:

    I couldn’t make it through this episode with all the sniffing. Totally gross!

  2. JDBB says:

    Admittedly, when this episode started I thought, “what kind of off-the-wall bag of crazy did they open up here?” But the more I listened, the more I realized this was one of the best interviews I’ve l heard on the show. So wise, so profound . . . . and so damned funny at the same time. Hereacletis is on a path of self-discovery, and though Xir’s journey dealt largely with gender issues, the insights gained here are applicable to EVERY life & path. There’s something here for everyone with really huge take aways. Would love to hear more from this wise sage. Thanks!

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