FOF #2686 – A Lady Bunny Christmas

Dec 17, 2018 · 2232 views

In Hungarian the word for snow is hó. Lady Bunny- photo courtesy of Lady Bunny.

Christmas isn’t quite the same without the raunchy outrageous humor of our beloved drag mom Lady Bunny. For over a decade Bun-Bun’s twisted holiday parodies have been a favorite of our end of the year Incredibly Strange Christmas Music special that celebrates the twisted holiday songs we’ve grown to love.

When Bunny isn’t onstage tearing up her pantyhose, what kind of Christmas music does she enjoy listening to?

Today, we get ready for the roller coaster ride of the holiday season by chatting with Lady Bunny about outrageous Christmas music we all enjoy.


Collaborating with her writing partner Beryl Mendelbaum.

Bunny’s thoughts on Gaga’s and Garland’s film remake of “A Star is Born.”

The viral video of Bianca & Bunny hosting a Drag Race viewing party.

➤ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she would fill out a ‘RuPaul Drag Race’ bracket like Obama does with college basketball.

Christmas Songs Featured on the Show:
This Christmas – Stephanie Mills

Christmas Rappin’ – Kurtis Blow

Twelve Daze of Christmas – Fay McKay

Merry Christmas All – Salsoul Orchestra

Santa Claus is coming to Town – Jackson 5

Jingle Bells? – Barbra Streisand

Where are My Background Singers? – Patti Labelle


  1. f says:

    wwrong mp3 file!

  2. f says:

    its playing the rudolph episode

  3. dany says:

    The file on the apple podcast it’s the rudolph one

  4. Sorry about that- it’s fixed!

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