FOF #2694 – Three Kinds of Monsters

Jan 24, 2019 · 2047 views

Steven Stafford and Esteban Andres Cruz. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Writer Steven Strafford believes there are three different kinds of funny people: Godzillas, Mothras and Gameras. Godzillas kill you with a never ending series of jokes, Mothras make you laugh your head off with that one outrageous line that everyone will always remember and the Gameras posses a silly attitude that allows them to glide with ease through life.

Today, Steven joins us to talk about his new play “Small Jokes About Monsters” which portrays a family at odds with each other after reading a devastating letter written by their dead father.

Also joining us is queer actor Esteban Andres Cruz who stars in the play as Ryan.

Listen as we chat with Steven and Esteban about the play and how family members each use humor differently to cope with crisis.

You can see “Small Jokes About Monsters” now playing at the 16th Street Theater

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