FOF #2705 – Katy Perry’s Ugly, Ugly Shoes

Feb 13, 2019 · 2074 views

Much like MCU, the villain from the movie Tron, Katy Perry’s racist shoes can only be defeated through information reparations and education. Marc Felion, Matt Brown, Fausto Fernós, photo: Fausto Fernós.

Right after the news that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam awkwardly denied ever doing blackface in college, racist caricatures of African Americans continued popping up in the news as designers and entertainers, including Katy Perry were accused of trying to profit off racist imagery.

As surprised as most people were that these designer duds were starring in their own minstrel show, some folks were even more shocked that Katy Perry even has a fashion line.

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at why in 2019 we are still wrestling with folks showing up in blackface.

Listen as we talk about blackfishing on social media, tanorexia and the amazing African American artists who had incredible careers despite living in a hostile world.


A new book says 80% of Catholic priests are gay men in the closet who are too afraid to speak up.

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  1. Jim C says:

    I loved this episode! Looking forward to more diverse conversations.

    I plan on adding funding to your computer funds this weekend. Hope the page is still up.

    What you both do is important. I’ve been listening to you for a number of years now, and I am glad to be a subscriber.

    Hugs! Jim

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