FOF #2710 – The Great Psychic Drag Queen Hunter

Feb 26, 2019 · 2147 views

Lady Vera Parker during happier times in 2009, psychic buster Susan Gerbic takes on Seatbelt Psychic Thomas John. Photos: Facebook, Chicago Pride.

One of the more outrageous moments on Feast of Fun was back in 2009 when our friend Teri Yaki told us the tale of Lady Vera Parker, a drag queen who got getting arrested and pleaded guilty to fraud for posting fake apartment ads on Craigslist and stealing the security deposits from renters. When she was caught, Lady Vera Parker was living in a UHaul truck with all her drag.

Local Chicago folks were shocked by the news and it wasn’t long before the scene gave Lady Vera Parker the cut.

We never thought we’d hear from her again, then almost a decade later, Lady Vera Parker popped up and she was still scamming people but now as psychic Thomas John.

Today, skeptic and psychic buster Susan Gerbic joins us to talk about how she and a group of colleagues created Operation Pizza Roll to prove that Thomas John was not a psychic and that he based his readings off of information he gleaned from social media.

Listen as we take a look at how people double down when they realize they are being scammed, why drag queens love campy psychics like Sylvia Browne and Miss Cleo, and why most psychics find it hard to walk away from robbing people.

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  1. shuffler says:

    Great Podcast! Too often debunking psychics gets ignored by uncritical reporting. It’s wrong to cheat people. Keep up the good work Susan Gerbic.

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