FOF #2732 – Karen From Finance Wants to Speak to the Internet’s Manager

Apr 22, 2019 · 2102 views

Karen From Finance would like a meeting with you. Photo courtesy of Karen From Finance.

A strange trend is emerging online- folks are posting memes of unlikeable women causing trouble and labeling them with the name: Karen.

This makes things a little touchy for Australian drag queen Karen From Finance, who is shook to the core and is wondering if she should change her name to something more likeable, like Dr. Silky Ganache.

No manager is safe.

Today Australia’s lovable drag queen, Karen from Finance, joins us to talk about the rise of Karen mockery and how she’s dealing with the influx of Karen memes stuffing her inbox.


Ohio Republicans are trying to pass a law making child drag queens illegal and threatening their parents with fines and imprisonment.

Ten percent of Australians drink 54% of their nation’s alcohol.

The streets of San Francisco are the shit!

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