FOF #2731 – Peaches Christ on When Actors Kill

Apr 23, 2019 · 2081 views

Peaches Christ in various moments throughout her career, splashed in blood, brandishing a knife. Photos: José A Guzmán Colón.

When it comes to murder, entertainers are usually at the recieving end of the violence. But celebrities are just like us, and some of them have commited stone cold homicide.

As a follow up to our previous two podcasts with drag queen Peaches Christ on actors who were killed (FOF #2383 – Hollywood Real Life Murders) and actresses who were murdered (FOF #2217 – Peaches Christ True Horror), Peaches joins us once again to take a look at actors accused of murder- some did it, some didn’t and some may have gotten away with it.

Listen as Peaches Christ kills us with her humor and wisdom as we take a look at some the most memorable celebrity killers.

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was one of the world’s most successful actors (and drag queens) until a scandal destroyed his career and almost shut down Hollywood forever.


How John Wilkes Booth really stole the show and changed American history.

The rise of the tabloid media in Fatty Arbuckle’s trial for murder.

The racial divide in public opinion over O.J. Simpson’s guilt or innocence.


  1. Juantana says:

    Wonderful show as always guys, love when you have Ms. Christ on.. 😀 if y’all have not watched on PBS Henry Louis Gates Reconstruction, its a long multi part series but it goes so far in explaining how we got where we are today, highly recommend. In school in the South they left out so much of that history, we basically learned that Abe Lincoln freed the slaves and that was it. The roots of where we are today go back to that time after Reconstruction and Jim Crow.

  2. Shrimpy says:

    I think FoF should invent the Fatty Arbuckle gourmet sandwich, and prepare it with some plus-sized drag queens!

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