FOF #2746 – In the Kitchen with Erika Klash

May 29, 2019 · 2107 views

Erika Klash behind the scenes on Cooking with Drag Queens with Marc Felion & Fausto Fernós. Photos: Jeff Knutson.

A new episode of Cooking with Drag Queens is now being served!

For her episode of Cooking with Drag Queens, the fresh and fruity Erika Klash dressed up as a strawberry to pay tribute to Strawberry Shortcut, the short film by Tom Rubnitz starring Lady Bunny as a ladies luncheon hostess who experiences severe dessert distress.

Today Erika Klash, the outlandish drag queen who looks like she jumped out of a Japanese anime film, joins us to chat about the latest episode of Cooking with Drag Queens.

On Season 2 of the web series Dragula, Erika was stabbed, shot and worst of all, forced to tell the truth, but could she handle Cooking with Drag Queens? And why did she insist on eating her cat shaped ice cream cone without using her hands?


Will the success of series like POSE impact the future of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

A sneak peek into Dragula Season 3

And why are so many reality TV shows getting vegans to eat meat?

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