FOF #2747 – IML is for Everyone

May 29, 2019 · 2163 views

Puppeteer and family internal family systems practitioner Mark Saltzman gets into some hanky panky with black leather icon Issa Adren at the International Mr. Leather Contest & Conference in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend 2019. Photo courtesy of Mark Saltzman.

IML, the International Mr. Leather Contest and Conference just wrapped up in Chicago where thousands of kinky folks gathered to build community, celebrate sexual diversity and to choose the new Mr. International Leather 2019, Jack Thompson, the first trans man of color to win the title.

Today, puppeteer, massage therapist and internal family systems practitioner Mark Saltzman joins us to chat about IML and to continue our look at “Velvet Rage,” Alan Downs’ seminal book for overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man’s world.

Listen as we chat with Mark about living your authentic self and understanding the shortfalls in the book Velvet Rage.

Adult film stars can’t keep their hands off me. Photo: Marc Felion.

Marc Felion with Justin at IML. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Even Spiderman gets his freak on. Jealous Brian Sweeney? Photo: Marc Felion.


James Baldwin’s critique on gay liberation and rage.

Yo MTV Raps. Why is a Chicago gay bar banning rap music? Didn’t anyone tell them that Cardi B is the biggest star?

How REGRESSive can a bar in 2019 be that they think this will fly?


  1. 300fromRyan says:

    Marc and Fausto,

    Such a good week on FoF. Really enjoyed the weaving of your new found obsession with Pose (best LGBTQ TV Series of my life so far) with ways to just be better. FoF is apart of my mental health ritual because you remind me (and the listeners) that there is such a culturally rich community we are all apart of. Thanks for always doing what you two do best, and lots of love, as always.

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