FOF #2751 – Rebooting the Rainbow Flag

Jun 13, 2019 · 2175 views

Designer and activist Daniel Quasar stands next to the Progress Pride Flag, created by Daniel to draw attention to trans people of color. 25% of the proceeds go towards an organization that directly impacts those within the LGBTQ community. Photo: Daniel Quasar.

The rainbow pride flag, designed by artist and activist Gilbert Baker in 1978, is one of the greatest works of art of the 20th century. It has become the symbol of LGBTQ hope and unity that queer pioneers like Harvey Milk asked for, but not without a little controversy.

Gilbert Baker next to his original rainbow pride flag, which was an enormous banner. —Source

Gilbert Baker considered the flag an unfinished work of political art and encouraged others to design their own versions, like the Leather or Trans Pride Flags, so he never copyrighted the design. Unfortunately, some businesses and politicians have also used the flag as a selling point for their own agenda which doesn’t always align with queer liberation.

Designer and Cooking with Drag Queens title sequence animator, Daniel Quasar created a version he calls the Progress Pride Flag, a design that included elements from the Philadelphia People Of Color Inclusive Flag and the Trans Pride Flag in a chevron overlaid on top of the traditional Pride flag to draw attention to the needs of trans folks and people of color in our community.

Today designer Daniel Quasar joins us to talk about creating the Progress Pride Flag- how it went viral overnight and why it resonated with people all around the world.


How many stripes and colors can you fit into a rainbow flag?

The Infinity Pride Flag, for identities yet to be defined. Designed by Fausto Fernós.

A look at more unusual seldom seen pride flags.

How the Lipstick Lesbian flag was appropriated from a design by a drag queen, me!

Oh the iron-she: in 2010 a lesbian blog known for excluding trans women from their feminist liberation (TERFS) appropriated my design from 2008 for a Cougar Pride Flag. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, but c’mon! At least include trans women in your liberation if you’re going to steal your flag design from cross dressing drag queen like me!

Navigating the tricky waters of copyright, appropriation and theft to create a better stronger and more inclusive culture for everyone.

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