FOF #2775 – Lady Bunny Flips Her Wig

Sep 4, 2019 · 2166 views

The Wigstock drag festival, started by Lady Bunny and friends 35 years ago, is detailed in the HBO doc “Wig.” Photos: HBO Pictures.

It’s been a couple of months since the HBO premier of Wig, the highly anticipated documentary follow up to Wigstock: The Movie which captured performances by some now long gone drag legends.

The new documentary is meant to capture the current drag queen scene but was it met by many with mixed feelings, as it focused more on the generational divide in LGBTQ culture and drag, with Lady Bunny commenting, “Edginess is what drew me to drag, yet the wider acceptance has brought bigger audiences and paychecks? Can’t edgier drag queens have both? I’m old and I’m greedy!”

Today, Wigstock founder and drag legend, Lady Bunny, weighs in on the changing face of drag and LGBTQ community and why the most powerful weapon against regressives is ourselves.


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  1. DC_gay_man says:

    I’m with Lady Bunny and want to chime-in. In NC, I pay $14K for ACA BC/BS health plan and get my first $1 back paying $12K when factor hidden fees, deductibles, co-pays, etc. The plan says “no” to prior procedures, medical device supplies, and certain drugs that was on last year’s plan. My doctor is upset, fights & wins for my needs, and gives me a surprise bill because he’s short-changed by plan. I may $60K, including my retirement, in Western North Carolina.

    Take the conversation further. Medicare-for-All is appealing IF you bring the physician leaders the communities want. Pete doesn’t understand black people in rural communities. Black men have significantly higher patient outcome with lower cost under the care of a Black Male doctor. Patrice Harris, MD (AMA’s President – the first black woman) said: We have a National Crisis in Black Male Doctors. She said AMA is going to make this a priority. Candidates: Talk to black communities and say: “I will bring you the highest trained Black Doctors in the Nation who want to practice in your community.” Let them work on health equity and systemic racism.

    Nope, Pete’s policy position: Bring International doctors. Don’t support the existing rural healthcare system. Don’t speak to Blacks, American Indians, etc. Further, Pete deliberately waited to develop policies. It was a choice. The outcome: He looks like he isn’t educated on the national level (at least in policy circles) while he blitzed the headlines/covers with being the first gay married couple running for the White House.

    Pete needs a wake-up call to talk straight to black communities and rural communities. Being “a mayor” and he can’t connect the dots to be local and in-line with the poor? That’s disheartening.

    To be transparent, I believe in Michael Bennet whose position is “Pre-K for All” (combines academically rigorous public education and childcare: nationwide) is more important than paying off anyone’s College Loans. I really enjoy hearing him but realize the state of his candidacy. He’s a sexy man, IMHO.

  2. Dean Ross says:

    Bernie has no clue about economics. He’s never created a job in his life and is a career politician. He would bankrupt this country!

    The economy is booming under Trump and you’re crazy if you want any of these democrat loons!

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