FOF #2780 – The Puerto Rican Bombshell, Barbra Herr

Sep 17, 2019 · 2175 views

Puerto Rican bombshell Barbra Herr is still here. Photos courtesy of HBO pictures and Barbra Herr.

Television in Puerto Rico in the 1970s and 80s featured drag front in center with many comedy legends cross-dressing for laughs. During that time, Walter Mercado, the flamboyant psychic astrologer and bombshells like Iris Chacon became household names all over the world.

Iris Chacón Amalie Coolant Commercial (Tremendo Coolant!)

Tremendo Coolant! Iris Chacón protagoniza en el famoso anuncio de refrigerante/anticongelante de Amalie grabado en el 1982 por la distribuidora oficial de los lubricantes y productos Amalie en Puerto Rico y el Caribe, AMCAR, Inc. Iris Chacón stars in the famous Amalie coolant/antifreeze commercial filmed in 1982 by the official distributor of Amalie lubricants and products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, AMCAR, Inc.

Iris Chacon was the spokesperson for Amelie Coolant in the 80s because the word butt and the word coolant sound the same in Spanish.

Walter Mercado en Doritos


You know corrupt Gov. Roselló’s gig was up when even politically neutral Walter Mercado asked him to resign. Photo: Walter Mercado

One cabaret sensation who dazzled the airwaves was Barbra Herr, who along with her drag mamita, Pantojas brought lavish performances to life in the best gay and straight nigclubs in San Juan.

Today, Puerto Rican bombshell Barbra Herr joins us to talk her amazing career as a drag and cabaret performer, from fighting the AIDS crisis in Puerto Rico to working with the legends in New York City.

Plus– Barbra shares her amazing stories of being with Holly Woodlawn when she first heard Andy Warhol died, her friendship with Dominique Jackson from Pose, and what really happened to the dead man found in the chest belonging to Paris is Burning’s Dorian Corey.

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