FOF #2786 – Diary of a Muscle God

Oct 1, 2019 · 2430 views

Thomas Terry, muscle god. Photos: Game of Swolls.

Young bodybuilder Thomas Terry is well known for his Instagram account Game of Swolls, which he started to show off his biceps and to make new friends.

Thomas’ formidable build got the attention of a muscle worship company that specializes in creating videos of attractive men flexing for folks’ erotic pleasure. Thomas became a muscle god.

But it came as a shock last week when Thomas announced that he was undergoing chemotherapy– prompting him to say “Everyone loves you when you’re dying.”

Today bodybuilder Thomas Terry joins us to talk about his side hustle as a muscle god in erotic muscle worship videos and overcoming Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia which requires weekly chemotherapy treatments.


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  1. I wish Thomas Terry a speedy recovery! May he overcome this anemia successfully.

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