FOF #2796 – Madonna’s Disco Bloodbath

Oct 25, 2019 · 2120 views

Nadya Ginsburg and Madonna and Madonna as Madame X. Photos courtesy of Madonna and Nadya Ginsburg.

Since the beginning of her career when she said she wanted to “rule the world,” Madonna has sought to be provocative- usually in sexy or ridiculous ways, like hanging herself on a cross during a concert or getting photographed pumping gas in the nude for her book Sex.

But this past summer, the music video for the song God Control from Madonna’s latest album Madame X, left audiences truly shocked with its re-enactment of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that left poor Madge shot dead lying on the dance floor.

Is Madonna a helpful voice for gun control?

As Divine once said: “who wants to die for art?” – Screenshot of Madonna’s video God Control.

Today comedian Nadya Ginsburg, well known for her hilarious and insightful Madonnalogues performance and video series joins us to take a look at Madonna’s latest hi-jinks.


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