FOF #2797 – The Scoop on Miss Kitty Litter

Oct 28, 2019 · 2121 views

Miss Kitty Litter ATX, just in case you confuse her with another drag queen or actual kitty litter. Photo: Jana Birchum.

As the oldest drag queen yet to compete on a reality TV show, Kitty Litter didn’t know quite what to expect when she got on the second season of Camp Wannakiki, a YouTube series where drag queens compete deep in the woods for the title of “Queen of Camp” at an actual summer camp.

Being the ripe young age of 56, it’s not the first time this seasoned drag queen has battled it out in the wilderness. After serving in the military for 10 years, Kitty Litter returned home to deal with the worst of the AIDS crisis in the late 80s and early 90s.

On top of all that, Kitty’s been targeted by right wing groups for being part of Storytime with Drag Queens at her local library in Austin, Texas.

Kitty Litter (out of drag) with Ms Anne Thrope, Fausto Fernós, Pam Dulce at the Iron Bear “Unbearable” show. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Today Kitty Litter, the sassy southern gal from Camp Wannakiki joins us to talk about her adventures on the show and about that time she got arrested, and not just for stealing people’s hearts.


  1. Miss Kitty Litter ATX is a Southern treasure! I enjoyed listening to her! She’s so funny! Glad they let her out of the nursing home long enough to record this podcast! Very unfortunate that she has been attacked by religious fundamentalist for being the fabulous person she is! #campwannakiki #sugarbakertwins #teamkitty #feastoffun #austininternationaldragfestival

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