FOF #2799 – A Review of Sasha Velour’s Smoke and Mirrors

Nov 5, 2019 · 2175 views

Stills from Sasha Velour’s one queen show “Smoke and Mirrors” now on tour. Photos courtesy of Sasha Velour.

When Sasha Velour bled a cascade of rose petals from her head during the final performance on season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you knew she was going to sahay away with the crown.

Since her win, she’s been touring and putting all her energy into her one queen show “Smoke and Mirrors” where she blends drag, visual art, projection, impossible costumes and magic into an unstoppable tour de force.

Sasha Velour’s Smoke & Mirrors Trailer 02 from Tobin Center on Vimeo.

Today we take a look at Sasha Velour’s new show, “Smoke and Mirrors” and a look at “Victory Over the Sun,” the oddball Russian Futurist opera with outrageous costumes that caused a violent riot when it first hit theaters in St. Petersburg 100 years ago.

Kazimir Malevich’s outrageous Futurist costume designs for “Victory Over the Sun” an experimental opera that sparked a riot in St. Petersburg in 1913.

Sasha Velour’s impossible futurist fashion come alive in her new show.


A novelty heat sensor at a tourist attraction reveals a woman’s cancerous breast tissue.

A college student involved in a car crash while dressed as Steven King’s Carrie for Halloween freaks out the emergency service crew.

A young boy dressed as Mayor Lori Lighfoot for Halloween gets pizza with the Mayor.

All new Cooking with Drag Queens is up, featuring Camp Wannakiki’s Muffy Fishbasket and Chicken Kiev, the dish, not a drag queen.


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