FOF #2803 – Madelynn Hatter Flips Her Lid on Dragula

Nov 13, 2019 · 2113 views

Dragula’s Maddelynn Hatter is drop red gorgeous. Photos: Maddelynn Hatter / Matthew Boisvert.

Storm clouds were brewing on the day Maddelynn Hatter was up for elimination onThe Boulet Brothers’ Dragula.

For over 12 years Maddelynn has been one of New York’s top drag queens, blowing audiences away with her outrageous looks and unbridled sexual energy.

Miss Hatter flipped her lid when she found out that once again she’d be up for extermination, but this time pelted with rotten food and ridiculed by her fellow castmates. Maddelynn thought it would ruin her life.

Today- Madelynn Hatter, the technicolor, psyhchopathic, sex-clown drag queen from Dragula joins us to share her wild stories of being on the show and why she got so upset.

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