FOF #2814 – B-52s’ Fred Schneider Savors the Christmas Fruitcake

Dec 17, 2019 · 2046 views
B-52s Fred Schneider

Fred Schneider has always had an appetite for a feast of fun. Here he’s with his B-52s bandmate Kate Pierson and screenshots from his work with the Superions Christmas album. Photo collage: Fausto Fernós. Photos courtesy of Fred Schneider.

With monster hits like “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack,” the B-52s along with its lead singer Fred Schneider have been influencing pop music for decades.

Since 1975, the group members including Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson, Keith Strickland and Fred Schneider are all still good friends and continue to perform as the B-52s to this day.

Although the B-52s never put out a Christmas album, Fred Schneider fronted a second band, The Superions released a full holiday album “Destination… Christmas” whose title track Fruitcake captures the oddball, kitchscy campy spirit of the season.

Fred Schneider as a snowman. Photo: Fred Schneider.

Fred Schneiderr’s Christmas tree. Photo: Fred Schneider.

B-52s vintage Christmas photo. Photo courtesy of Fred Schneider.

Today Fred Schneider joins us to look back on his amazing musical career with the B-52s, being a musician and gay at the heigh of the AIDS crisis in New York in the 80s and playing RuPaul’s angry manager in Ru’s first Christmas special way back in 1993.


The fateful day when Fred met Lady Bunny, RuPaul, and Lahoma Van Zandt on the bus in New York City.

Working on the Flintstones movie

Running a coffee roaster performance space in Florida.

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