Miss Ronnie’s State of the Vajayjay

Feb 5, 2020 · 1997 views

One of the most outrageous, and brilliantly funny people we’ve ever had the pleasure of having on Feast of Fun was Miss Ronnie, who we met in our neighborhood. We were instantly attracted her to intense charm. People love Ronnie and wherever she goes, she holds court. In the early days of podcasting, Miss Ronnie was a superstar with her unapologetic raunchy humor and was often compared to other comedy legends like Rudy Ray Moore and Mo’Nique.

In this show titled FOF #466 – State of the Poontang published on January 24, 2007, Miss Ronnie does a sexy parody of The State of the Union Address, which at the time was delivered by President George W Bush. Between the war in Iraq and our legal standing as marginalized people, it seemed like the darkest of times. As an alternative to the bs State of the Union we offered up the State of the Vajayjay podcast and it brought so much joy to listeners, we just have to share it again.

You know what’s happening out there right now. It’s awful and we need to change that. Please vote like your life depends on it. Help others to get registered. We must go forward into a brighter future together as unified people. We can make the world a better place as long as we vote.

Life takes people down different paths and although we don’t run into Miss Ronnie anymore, we fondly remember her wonderful contributions to Feast of Fools. She was a podcast pioneer. We salute you Miss Ronnie!

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