FOF #2859 – Ridiculous Food Trends That Probably Will Perish After the ‘Rona

Apr 21, 2020 · 2103 views

Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós still enjoy fruity drinks during the rona (photo was taken before the pandemic by our friend Sean Hewitt).

One good thing about Miss Rona is that she has us all in the kitchen making good food and stress eating the anxiety away. The reason they call it COVID-19 is because of the 19 pounds we’re gonna put on when this is all over.

Food trends come and go and while we are baking bread and living off dolonga coffee for now, some truly awful foods will thankfully be banished to the trash can: charcoal based foods, rainbow colored foods, and unicorn anything, basically food that looked like the key ingredients is makeup for drag queens.

Do you really want to eat your makeup?

Today we take a look at ridiculous popular food trends that will probably perish during the coronavirus pandemic and how folks are changing the way they eat at home.


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