Bonus: Screamin’ Rachael, the Queen of House

Aug 28, 2020 · 1985 views

Since the origins of house music in Chicago in the early 80s, Screaming Rachael Cain has been its most vocal champion. At the heart of this type of electronic music is a strong 4/4 beat, a deep base line and a message that everyone is welcome.

Screamin’ Rachel keeps house music close to her heart and her coochie.

Throughout the 90s, Rachael was also a big part of the famed Club Kid scene in New York City, where many gay icons like RuPaul, Lady Bunny and Amanda Lepore got their start. It all came to a tragic end when Rachael’s close friend Michael Alig murdered his drug dealer “Angel” Melendez, also a close friend of Rachael.

Screamin’ Rachael has lived many lives, and survived it all with a little grace and dignity. Today Screamin’ Rachael joins us along with her protogé Jorge Cruz to take a look at the legacy of house music and her remarkable life.

{Originally posted as FOF #1769 – Screamin’ Rachael, Queen of House – 04.04.13}

Listen as Rachael reveals for the first time what really happened regarding the murder of her lover Prince Teddy, the kinky maharaja.

How party monster Michael Alig became prison lovers with Cowboy, the man convicted of killing Prince Teddy.

Recording her own sexual moans on the track La Vie.

And getting her groove on in the sex room at Limelight in the mid 90s.

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