FOF #2897 – Matt Brown’s Karmic Justice

Oct 5, 2020 · 1985 views

Comedian Matt Brown loves to read good books and bad people.

Folks are having a hearty laugh over President Trump getting hospitalized for testing positive for COVID-19, the deadly disease he said would go away like magic.

Now Republicans are asking for compassion for the President, so at least we can all be on the same page as to how terrible this virus can be.

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at the complicated reactions people have to the shocking news that the President, First Lady and many top Republicans including the Supreme Court pick Amy Barrett all came down with COVID-19.

But after almost 4 years of daily lies, could Trump be crying wolf or is this the truth of which he was so afraid, he downplayed it to the American public and the world?


Just in time for Halloween – research reveals that if your bones are quaking when you’re scared it’s because your flight or fight response originates from your skeleton.

The cast of the film Spinal Tap finally reunite for a Democratic party fundraiser.

The wonderfully weird TV spots for fast food by legendary divas like Aretha Franklin and Mary J Blige. What product would Tina Turner endorse if she was shilling it in the 80s?

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