Bonus: Disco Didn’t Die, It Just Evolved Into House Music

Feb 9, 2021 · 1985 views

In the late 1970s radio stations were in revolt, declaring Disco music dead, culminating in the notorious Disco Demolition night at Comiskey Park, a promotional event that backfired into a full-on riot.

“Disco Sucks” became the battle cry against the decadence of the club scene, its association with gay culture and because the music genre was overexposed- people got sick of the disco beat in bubble gum ads and celebrity vanity records- even the gay robots from Star Wars had a Disco Album.

Out of the ashes of Disco’s demise, DJs in Chicago developed a new sound for a new generation which became known as House Music. This style became a hit in clubs catering to black, latino and gay folks, and is now what most electronic music is based on.

Today we’re talking to one of the pioneering DJs of House Music, Ralphi Rosario. Recently, the City of Chicago named a street after his DJ group “The Hot Mix Five” for their contribution to the international House Music scene.

Join us as Ralphi Rosario gives us some amazing stories about remixing songs for all the divas: Cher, Madonna, Donna Summer and even Jennifer Holliday.

Are celebrity DJs ruining everything? Wedding DJs and the role of drugs in dance music.

{Best of Feast of Fun, originally posted as FOF #1242 – You Can’t Stop the Music – 08.26.10}

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Ralphi Rosario – You Used to Hold Me ’08 (featuring Xaveria Gold): iTunes


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