FOF#2953 – Hedwig Queen Becomes the Tiger King

Apr 20, 2021 · 1985 views

Concept art of John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic. Illustration: Fausto Fernós.

Tiger King- the true crime story reigned supreme as the 2020 pandemic documentary series on Netflix. The documentary focused on an eccentric group of private zoo owners battling it out over who would be king of the caged jungle cat captivated the world.

Although some folks detested the series, the story became so wildly popular that it is now in production as a dramatic series. Everyone’s favorite lesbian Kate McKinnon is set to produce the work and it’ll star Hedwig himself, John Cameron Mitchel.

Will the Hedwig queen be able to transform herself into the Tiger King?

Today we take a look at the new series Joe Exotic, that hopes to dig even deeper into the mayhem, meth and madness of the Tiger King world.


Lesbify everything. Folks are asking for comedian Tig Notaro to digitally replace every terrible man in any movie ever.

There’s a petition to cancel Colton Underwood’s Netflix reality TV show.

Are pierrot masks basic?

Who will win RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13? Place your bets!

We read a letter from a listener who fondly remembers the podcast we did where JoJo finds a human skull

Check out our best of Feast of Fun episode: Jojo Finds a Skull! 

Our beloved Jo-Jo Baby, who works as a doll maker, club kid, artist, stylist and drag queen went onto eBay to look for mannequins. When a guy who lives in his neighborhood was selling three full-sized vintage female mannequins- Jo-Jo just had to have them and made an appointment to view them.

There was no one to greet JoJo at the back door for his appointment so he entered into what was the kitchen. On the stove sat a large boiling pot. Always the curious sort, Jo-Jo spied into the cauldron and to his surprise he saw an actual human skull rolling about with some flesh still on it! Yes, a human skull.

At that point, the owner of the mannequins came into the room and saw Jo-Jo looking nervous and tried to calm him down by saying “It’s okay, it’s from Tibet.”

What would you do in this situation?

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