FOF #2961 – Karen Lewis’ Big Mouth is Big Trouble

May 25, 2021 · 1985 views

What will happen to Karen Lewis’ giant mouth shaped bed? Photos courtesy of Karen Lewis.

Karen Lewis’ big mouth is getting her into big trouble. Designed like a giant mouth with fangs for the Burning Man festival in 2005, Karen’s giant interactive sculptural bed is just waiting for some lucky owner to sink their teeth into it.

Titled “The Bed in Your Head” this big bed piece of art looks like a set piece from a Rocky Horror Picture show themed Disney park ride. Measuring 11 x 13 feet, and 12 feet tall, this bed is looking for a new home, and lots of folks are demanding she hand over the toothy sleeping sculpture.

Today artist Karen Lewis joins us to talk about “The Bed in Your Head,” her big fluffy mouth shaped bed sculpture that’s got a life of its own, and why people are obsessed with this big giant mouth.

Interior photo of warehouse on 32nd Street with Mouth bed, part of Bed in Your head art installation by Karen Lewis and Max Allstadt.

Plus– a salute to big mouths in movies, from Jaws to Rocky Horror and Audrey 2 to the Aliens Xenomorph, why are so many of them queer icons?

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