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FOF #2515 – Witches, Trolls & Pricks

These are truly magical times. Our witchy gal pal Alexis Hex has been conjuring up a combination of two of her favorite things: Pokémon and dongs.

Today the spooky Alexis Hex joins us to talk about her kooky coloring book, why cursing Donald Trump is going to backfire and why the Good Witch has us caught in its spell.

FOF #2514 – Reclaiming My Time

California Representative Maxine Waters became an Internet sensation when she proclaimed “I am reclaiming my time” to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. And now, drag queen Cherry Chan has hit in her lip sync video to Adam Joseph’s club remix of “Reclaiming My Time.”

Today Aunty Cherry joins us to talk about her amazing video, growing up the child of Cambodian refugees and how her improv training inspired her drag.

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FOF #1817 – Flirting with Disaster

Comedian Carey Callahan got into hot water for speaking out about how hard it is for women to break into the Chicago comedy scene because the guys pick on female comedians.

At that time, Carey identified as female and now six years later, Carey is an awesome guy and is flirting with women himself as a comedian.

Listen as we chat with Carey about his fascinating take on sexism in comedy.

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FOF #1407 – The Secret Gay Lives of the U.S. Presidents

Let’s face it, most ambitious men love attention, and that means having it come from just about anyone. From Washington to Obama, there’s always been some speculation about the love lives our nation’s leaders but what about affairs of the same sex kind?

Join us today as we try to uncover the facts and myths on the secret gay lives of our nation’s leaders.

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Aaron Carter Denies Michael Jackson Ever Gave Him Cocaine, Jesus Juice

After allegedly dropping that bombshell that Michael Jackson gave him cocaine, wine and slept in his bed when he was 15 years old, 90’s pop star Aaron Carter is now denying everything, saying the reporter […]

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FOF #1406 – The Drunk Homeless Bag Lady of Darkness

Amy Winehouse’s website was hijacked Thursday morning by a group of hackers — who claim they targeted the singer because they want to “take back the internet from the white devil.”

She may have sunk pretty low but we’d hardly call her the Prince of Darkness, more like the drunk Homeless Bag-lady of Darkness.

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