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FOF #2798 – Bruce Vilanch on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

One of the strangest shows ever broadcast on TV is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. The musical variety show featuring a campy highway pile-up of the top stars of the day with Margaret Hamilton reprising her Wicked Witch from the Izard of Oz aired only once on ABC in 1976.

Today comedy writer Bruce Vilanch, best known for writing for the Oscars and for his appearance on Hollywood Squares joins us to talk about being a head writer for the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

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VIDEO: ABC Interviews Airman Who Came Out To Dad on Youtube

ABC interviewed the airmen that recorded his life under DADT and came out to his father on Youtube. The airmen sure seemed a whole lot more relaxed!

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The End of An Era: Law & Order Cancelled

According to the Huffington Post, NBC may have decided to cancel “Law & Order” after its 20th season.  I can’t say that I’m upset, I’ve never actually watched an episode.  However, could this mean an […]

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