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VIDEO: Beautiful Australian Ad for Marriage Equality

A beautiful Australian ad for Marriage Equality

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VIDEO: You Wanna Cry? Just Watch This Video.

This is a video from Thailand.  This is an academy award worthy …  Health insurance ad.  Seriously, it’s so sad and sweet.

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Sexy Gay Dolce & Gabanna Magazine Advertisement

Here is a sexy Gay Dolce & Gabanna Magazine Advertisement that I came across.

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VIDEO: Jane Lynch vs the iPhone 4

Just after Apple’s launch of the new iPhone, the video comedy web-series Electric Spoofaloo posted an new iPhone 4.0 parody ad starring Glee’s Jane Lynch.

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VIDEO: Gay McDonald’s Ad Spoof

The hilarious and super cute video blogger Andrew Keenan-Bolger put together his own response for the recent endearing gay French McDonald’s commercial.

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VIDEO: Gay McDonalds Ad

Would this commercial be released in the U.S.? I like the message, but I don’t like McDonalds. Now I feel obligated to like McDonalds.

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